Tuesday, 1 January 2013

An afternoon at Broadwater Cottage

Today Martha and I took a drive to see her Uncle Dave, he (like me) loves old characterful houses and lives in a gorgeous wee cottage not too far from us, with his two cats Bonzo (John Bonham) and Mazzy (Mazzy Star). I was pretty horrified today to find out his wee home might be being tore down if planning permission goes ahead in April for a new modern monstrosity of a thing.
Martha had a great time, getting stuffed with Auntie Pam's choccy cake and chasing poor Bonzo and Mazzy around.
In her little knit jumper next to the cottages wonky walls, i think these might be the most irish looking photo's i've ever taken.

1 comment:

  1. NOOO! That's a sin, Dave will have to tie himself and the cats to the cottage so they don't rip it down!